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Support and Pricing

The cost of a Shadow Wedding experience with us varies from $2500 to $7500, depending on the amount of support desired by each couple. Contact us for a preliminary conversation during which we will talk about your specific needs and dreams.

wedding_ring_photoWe are happy to announce that we've started a Shadow Wedding scholarship fund. We receive donations from benefactors who want to see this work offered to as many couples as possible. If you are interested in doing a Shadow Wedding but are short on funds, you may be eligible for one of these scholarships. (Donors: Contact us to learn more about how we will use your donation.)

Have you read the Shadow Wedding interviews yet?

From a Shadow Wedding witness:

"If more marriages undertook a Shadow Wedding ceremony, divorce rates would plummet! Couples would really see and know each other, and drop their unrealistic expectations.

"Jessica and Jim bring integrity, love, and a breadth of experience to this work. I recommend them wholeheartedly."

Sabrina Chaw, woman's empowerment and wellness coach